Former Miss British states cannabis is curing her terminal brain cancer tumors

Former Miss British states cannabis is curing her terminal brain cancer tumors

Former Miss British Kerri Parker happens to be battling brain cancer tumors for 5 years. Early in the day this 12 months, she had been told that her situation is already terminal. She reviews chose to skip chemotherapy and plumped for medical cannabis alternatively.

Now, the model that is 34-year-old beauty queen, Playboy bunny, stunt double, and Army medic says that medical cannabis has “shrunk notably.”

It absolutely was in 2013 whenever Parker was initially identified as having mind tumefaction. That exact same year, she underwent surgery to remove the cyst, and had been then announced to be in remission.

In 2018, however, doctors told Parker that her cancer had september came back. This time around, the tumor is inoperable and her instance is terminal.

Medical practioners recommended that she undergo six rounds of chemo plus one 12 months of radiotherapy to be able to expand her life. But she declined to heed their advice and went for the various plan for treatment: medical cannabis.

Parker had said that staying within the medical center so she may have a couple of extra months alive is not what treatment is exactly about.

Medical practioners was indeed upfront in telling her that no terminal brain cancer client had survived through all rounds of chemo. Clients before her had succumbed towards the illness before finishing all rounds.

Tumefaction has shrunk!

Parker was cannabis that are using since her second diagnosis. She found treatment at a hospital in america because the drug is certainly not yet easily for sale in the united kingdom.

Nearly a 12 months since utilizing cannabis that are medical Parker claims the medication working. In accordance with her, cannabis has stopped her seizures along with her present scans reveal that her tumefaction has shrunk to half. She stated that she feels her mind is “in the most effective it offers ever been.”

In reality, Parker hopes become cancer-free within just 90 days.

Her objective now could be to achieve right right back her fit and weight into her size six clothes. She explained that cannabis purged her body of cancer tumors and therefore, within the procedure, she had lost two rock and dropped up to a UK size zero.

“I’m likely to give myself a life.”

Parker recalled that she had thought mind cancer tumors would destroy her. However now it won’t and she finally possesses life.

She stated they told her cannabis does that she has proven doctors wrong when perhaps maybe not cure cancer tumors, that it would make her condition worse, and that it might destroy her. Additionally they told her that cannabis just works in children.

Parker admitted that what she was told by the doctors scared her a great deal that she was prepared to signal her life away to possess chemo and radiotherapy. Although not anymore, she contended.

She said that if she can shrink half her mind of cancer tumors, she’s going to shrink the other half. She’s going to shrink it straight straight down in order that there maybe not a solitary cancer cellular that is kept and may replicate.

“The truth is, i simply cured terminal cancer tumors, and I’m really likely to provide myself a life,” Parker stated.

In accordance with her, she utilized the Rick Simpson cannabis oil, containing high quantities of THC. The RSO has eased her signs within an amazing method.

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